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Since inception, EnProCon has developed a niche set of skills and knowledge tailored to the national park sector. This coupled with EnProCon’s systems for safety, environment and quality management and our attention to detail have seen the company gain great success in this area. Our capabilities are complemented by:

  • Fostering of a sensitive culture towards natural and cultural ecosystems

  • Environmental awareness

  • Sound understanding of track drainage and maintenance

  • Nurturing of a positive working relationship and a collaborative approach

  • Achievement of schedule milestones

  • Cultural understanding and sensitivity

  • Use of qualified and experienced personnel

  • Remote work location expertise, logistics and emergency response planning


We have knowledge and experience in applying a range of standards and guidelines in regards to this type of working including:

  • AS/NZS 2156.1

  • AS/NZS 2156.2

  • Australian walking track grading system

  • NSW national parks and wildlife service – park facilities manual

  • Requirements of class 1 to class 5 walking tracks

  • Requirements for universal walking tracks

  • Queensland Parks and Wildlife – track school documentation

  • Environmental requirements when working in world heritage listed areas

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