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EnProCon knows pipelines. We possess an abundance of pipeline experience in the areas of engineering, project management and construction related.

We have the capabilities to provide a complete range of services from project concept, design, engineering, estimation, procurement, construction and maintenance. We possess the personnel, plant and equipment resources to deliver projects efficiently and to perform all tasks professionally. We understand that the effective delivery of a project entails having the right systems and the right people in place. Importantly, it requires accurate scope definition, cost control, schedule management and quality control. The EnProCon team is well rehearsed in developing effective project specific processes and plans to ensure a successful project outcome. Our core pipeline capabilities include:

  • Water infrastructure

  • Potable water mains

  • Fire mains

  • Storm water systems

  • Sewer reticulation

  • Connection of new pipelines and systems to existing infrastructure

  • Chlorination & bacterial testing

  • Live excavations, tie ins & special crossings

  • HDPE gas & water gathering pipelines

  • Pressure testing, hydrostatic & pneumatic

  • Pipeline commissioning

  • Pipeline features such as high point vents, low point drains, valves, hydrants, manifolds and other above ground infrastructure

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